Free Design Clinic

Do you have a design question? Need help with a particular aspect of your room? Can’t choose between two colours for your kitchen? We hold a monthly free design clinic, where you can ask a question and we can help you completely free of charge. You will get a 20 minute consultation where you can show us pictures, ask us questions and get the ideas you need to make your home the one you have been dreaming of.

The next design clinic will be on the 29th September, from 9am to 1pm at Starbucks Waterton in Bridgend (CF31 3TN). Come and meet us for a cup of coffee. Slots need to be pre-booked and you can get your space by clicking here.


We are aiming to hold it in a different venue and day of the week each month to give more people the chance to join us. If you have a venue in mind that we could use for our clinics, please contact us.

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We will only use your email to send you updates about upcoming dates and venues for the Free Design Clinics. It will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances.